So, Its time to let the plants breath some Dubai air.

Repotted some plants of half got back in the nursery and the other half get to stay outside.


Pic from the nursery.


Then Cubanelle seem to be very sensitive to overwatering and all of the young plants are showing sign of Edema.

This is due to wet roots and most likely too rich potting soil.


The plant cant get rid of the excessive water through the leaves and small “crystals” build up on the underside of the leaf.

The grapes are doing fine and a few clusters have started to form.


Luckily no more major pest infestations so far. Seems like the preventive approach is working.


First spray


This is a picture from my new indoor nursery. Four shelves with LED lightning and a fan to move the air around. This morning I found the first Thripes on some of the seedlings. Brought out the big gun in form of CONFIDOR and sprayed a slightly weaker solution. This year I will not be so lenient. will spray again next weak with ORTHO and the alter every weak and see if that will help. Also keep them indoor as long as possible or until they start to bear fruit.

Yesterday I went out and sprayed the Orange and Lime tree with YATES MAVERIK. They had some leaf curl and miners from the nursery but I wanted to wait with spraying until they started shooting new leaves. Also this year I will remove all damaged leaves to better see if the spraying helps.


The grapevines has recovered well from the pruning and the first clusters of grapes are starting to form.



These are the survivors from the summer heat.

Surprisingly one Espelette survived, together with the more hardy Jolokias and Fataliis. The local mini peppers has continued to grow in size but are now aging rapidly with lots of leaf loss and yellowing. Surprisingly enough, The Carolina reaper has made it but barley. It still look as awful as it did last year . The one that did best though was the mini scott bonnet that I got from Zambia last year. Both in pot and in the ground they are now flourishing and have started to bear fruit. Looking good so far!

Planting time

So now the soil has been boosted up by digging in cow manure other organic material. The sand here in the garden doesn’t contain any useful material and have to be improved every year especially if you grow bigger plants.

The west bench was planted with SWEET CORN as main crop and melons as ground crop, this year SUGAR BABY and PELE DE SAPO.

The east bench with SUGAR SNAP PEAS, SWISS CHARD, ROQUETTE (ARUGULA) salad and some PAK CHOY seeds that I collected last year.

New for this year is “ Bottle Gourd WAMAN” and “Sponge Gourd NIRMALA” both came from my gardener.

Later I will plant some local EGGPLANT.

The Trees have been planted now and seems to have survived the ordeal. Hopefully will have some fruit by next year.

The tomato seedlings have come up fine but the new leaves are yellowing at an alarming rate. Thought it was due overwatering, but now I suspect that the potting soil contained some manure. The chilles doesn’t seem to mind the extra nutrition but the tomatoes are more sensitive it seems.

Back again.

So, mid October and the temp has started to be reasonable again.

Started a second batch of seedlings today all with seeds from Pepper Joe.

This year….

Fresno. doesn’t produce much but very pleasant to eat.

Firecracker chile pepper. New.

Mini bell pepper mix. All died last year, will see how it goes this year.

Tepin. They were suffering badly last year.

Santa Fe Grande. New.

Thai sun pepper. New.

Alma paprika pepper. It did grow quite well, but did not produce much.

Pepper Joe”s Jalapeno. new.

Fatalii. My favorite.

Serrano. New.

Started some tomato seedlings from my own stash a week ago, repotted the today since they all came up really quickly.

The Plum seems to have very vigorous seeds, every single one popped up on time.

Long-beans and chili mustard

Of all the things that I’ve been growing down here the long-beans are definitively the most productive and easily to grow. Teresa brought the beans from Philippines so I really don’t know their true name, but that’s what’s it called over there. She has her own patch in the garden where she tries some of her own vegetables. All the beans need are some soil,water,sunshine and something to climb on. They grow and produce for most of the year and they grow BIG.


Todays harvest.


Six weeks and already five meters tall and climbing.


They do get eaten by bugs but they grow so fast that it doesn’t seem to affect them very much.

This is a meal prepared by Teresa.

Fry the beans in oil. Add a can of canned tuna (I use the tuna with chilli naturally) and a dash of light soya sauce. then simmer for a few minutes.


Next I tried to make some chilli-mustard.

Start with some really dried Mustard Habanero.


Run through a blender for a couple of minutes and then sift away leftover seeds and bigger pieces. Put the powder in airtight jar. Try not to breath in the dust! I had to do the grinding and sifting outdoors this time.


This was the first try. Colemans powder, chilli, sugar, vinegar and water.


Turned out horribly hot, so I tweaked it down to the following recipe.

In a small glass jar, add two tablespoons of HOT water. Add one tablespoon of sugar and stir until dissolved, add 1/3 tablespoon of Mustard habanero chillipowder. Stir and let sit for 10 min so the powder can soak up a little. Then add 4 tablespoons of Coleman’s powder and one tablespoon of vinegar. Stir good and add a little more vinegar to get a bit of watery consistency. It will thicken with time so don’t make it too thick to start with.

Serve with the beans and you have another LCHF meal!


The Cubanelle

This chilli was a bit of a disappointment for me. Great reviews on many places on the internet but taste wise, mine turned out very bland and neutral. Like a big green crunchy pepper (Paprika). Less bitter and not very fleshy. It did produce quite well despite being attacked by bugs early on in the season.

This is from one plant.


Due to the insipid taste I figured it would be best to bake them in the oven with oil, some kind of cheese and the chilli powder I made the other night.


Added some crispy bacon and onions and, voila!


A quick and easy LCHF meal.

After all, everything taste better with a bit of fat in it!

Take four: Grapes

The Grapes has recovered nicely since I cut them down a few months ago.


This time I covered the grapefruits as soon as they started to appear. Maybe I will succeed to keep the Bul-buls away long enough to at least have ONE ripe grape to taste!


The hanging basket type!


The “just wrap everything up” type.

Simple things #2

Chilli powder.

These chilles are from the Espelette plant. A medium strong chille that goes well with almost anything.

First cut the chillis in half and deseed. Save the seeds for next year!


Lay them out on the dehydrator plates with plenty of space in-between.


Set the time and temp. I started with 46 degrees and 20 hrs. Had to increase to 55 degrees and another 20 hrs to get them completely dry. The Espelette has fairly thick flesh and took longer than expected to dry out.


The finished result. For powder you really want them crispy to the point they can crumble between your fingers.


Toss everything in a blender.


Run the blender on impulse for a couple of minutes. This is what mine looked after 30 sec. If you want chilli flakes, this is perfect.

Suffered an uncontrollable sneeze attack for a good 3 minutes after opening the blender to take that picture. The chilli dust has a way of flying around. You have hereby been warned!


Grinded away for another couple of minutes with the kitchen window open this time.


The end result.

Keep in a airtight jar.


Keeps forever unless you keep the lid open. A teaspoon of this is equivalent to a couple of chillis. Great for spicing up any kind of stew. If you do this with Jolokias or any other superhot chillis it will definitely overpower anything you add it to. (However, in my own chilli-con-carne, they do fine. But more of that another time.)

Next I will dry the Mustard and Chocolate habaneros to have a few variations to choose from.

I’ve been toying with the idea to make my own mustard-chilli paste and some really mean chocolate chip cookies!